Results from the 5th Annual Spooktacular

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It was essentially the same quiz, though I must admit that I took out a couple of questions that were just too obscure for the last two quizzoes. Though that only partially explains the high scores. I think Philly Hardcore would have still had the week’s high score either way. Oh, and if you haven’t already seen me and CHip’s flick, click here and vote funny.

Cornbread Mafia 78
Young Old and Restless 75
Fangtastics 70
Halloweenies 68
Pumpkin Bread Mafia 67

BARDS (Tuesday)
Ghost Dad and the Darkness (Sofa Kingdom) 90
Narcotizing Dysfunktion 75
His and Herpes 74
JGT in a Pee Wee Costume Makes my B**** Itch 70
Bud Hoffman 56

The Tell Tale Chef (aka Jams) 94
I’m Only Here B/c the Good Dogs Closed 73
Frankenstein and His Brides 71
Stewed Screwed and Tattooed 65
Barack Obama Dat Azz 62

Philly Hardcore 108
But My Mom Says I’m Cool 97
Flaming Dog Poop On Your Porch 86
Ackula 84
Pumpkin Thieves Have No Balls 81

GOOD DOG (No quizzo this week due to renovations)

BARDS (Thursday)
The Premarital Sextet 101
Hurtin Bombs 95 (won 2nd place tiebreaker)
Bald Bull and the Badass Bullies 95
That Double Music Was Awful, JGT 84
Snortina Hingis 67