Around the Horn, brought to you by my upcoming root canal

The Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets died and with him went his dream of dropping another atomic bomb.

-I don’t watch many movies, obviously, but I gotta admit, I’m kind of excited about American Gangster and might try to actually go to the theatre to see it. Denzel was so good as a bad guy in Training Day (though it wasn’t that great of a film), and I look forward to see him as the bad guy again.

-Speaking of gangsters, the City Paper has an interesting article about a restaurant in South Philly that is apparently run by the mob, but because the writers didn’t want to go swimming in the Schuylkill, they didn’t say what restaurant it is. Anybody got the inside scoop? (CP via Foobooz)

-Went to the dentist yesterday and got some great news: I’m getting a root canal! That’s right, only $3000 for one of the most awesome experiences of my life! Seriously, I can’t wait. I love not having dental insurance! This is gonna be awesome.