Philly History is Fun!

The history of the soft pretzel in Philly. (Skip the first paragraph, since the 2nd one just repeates it.)

-This one is more Pennsylvania history than Philly history, but still. It was on this day in 1737 that the Lenape Indians were swindled out of lots of land in Eastern Pennsylvania. Here’s how they got hosed.

-A short write up about the Click Club, which was located at Palumbo’s, the legendary South Philly club at 824 Catherine that burned down in 1994.

-Staying in South Philly, here’s a little column on Ralph’s, the 100+ year old Italian restaurant on 9th and Fitzwater.

Oh, and can someone explain the above photo to me? I’ve had a bit of a cold the last few days, so I might be a little groggy, but looks to me like their are two city halls in the photo, one with Billy Penn and one without. What am I missing here?