You can’t spell meltdown without M-E-T!

If you haven’t already, read a bit about the Mets latest meltdown, as they blew a three run lead in the 9th. Here’s some fun comments from the hairy necks on as Mets fans watched their team meltdown last night:
If there ever was a playoff “poser” the Mets are certainly it.
Somebody please explain to me what’s going on.
I’ve never seen a team with less heart. Period.
We don’t deserve the playoffs. Period.
Well as usual the Phillies come from behind to WIN and the Mets come from ahead to LOSE!!!
This loss may be the final nail in our coffin.
Words can’t describe what I’m feeling right now. Pain, anguish, anger, sorrow, and physically ill.
they don’t deserve to go the playoffs; let’s go phillies
GAME OVER. SEASON OVER. Phillies In. Mets Out. Biggest collapse ever.
How does one get Phillies Playoff tickets?

Let me just say, it will be a cold day in hell when I or any Phils fan finds themselves rooting for the Mets, no matter how bad things get. But the hairy necks aren’t scared to pull a Benedict Arnold when the going gets rough. Btw, if the Mets do blow the lead, it will be the biggest collapse since the ’64 Phillies. No-one has ever blown a 7 game lead with 17 games to play.