No Best Of Philly Quizzo

Philadelphia Magazine apparently thought that quizzo had quieted down since last year, b/c they decided not to include it in this years “Best Of…” edition, though they did include best karaoke. It’s probably a good call because (with the exception of about 95% of the pubs and taverns in the local area) you can hardly find quizzo anywhere anymore. And it’s not like it is now a national phenomenon that first saw the light of day in our fair city. Something as uniquely Philadelphean as quizzo certainly doesn’t deserve a spot in a magazine named Philadelphia, though karaoke, which does not hail from Philly, certainly does. For shame, Philly Mag. If you’re going to use the word Philadelphia in your title, at least try to cover and promote things that are unique and popular in this city.

Anyways, that’s all the hating I’m gonna do, because I will say this: I’d rather nobody win Best Quizzo than Kildare’s win Best Quizzo. On Monday, we’ll take a look at all the winners, and figure out what they got right and what they got wrong. And in an effort to not make this whole entry sound like sour grapes, I’d like to give big ups to John McDonald (aka Johnny Mac), who won Best Chef (Snackbar). He’s not only a damn good chef, he’s a damn nice guy. Kudos!