Hello…Johnny? Yeah, um, this is Lindsay. It’s time for the Week in Review

Kick it off at O’Neals, where the Cornbread Mafia (w/ an assist from Steve O.) took home their first ever win. They knocked off defending champs This Dildo Tastes Funny 108-97.

The Sofa Kingdom apparently didn’t like it when I said that they were no longer the best team at the Bards, and have sent a loud and clear message as of late, missing only 5 questions total in their last three quizzos (That’s 115 out of 120 questions answered correctly.) They cruised to a 116-99 win over Narcotyzing on Tuesday, and came from behind to pull off a 109-107 win over the Hurtin Bombs at the Bards on Thursday. The Bombs had a perfect score going into the final round, but still couldn’t hold off a resurgent Kingdom.

On Wednesday, the Jams (aka Lindsay Lohan is Our Designated Driver) recovered from their loss last week to pull off a 102-78 win over Trust Us We Know at the only non-packed quizzo this week. (ie if you want to be guaranteed a table at quizzo this coming week, the ‘Vous might be your best bet). On to the Black Sheep, where Duane’s MInions had little trouble with a pesky Yes You Can’t team, but pulled out their 4th straight win. One more win and we’ll have a bounty.

A grand return for an old quizzo favorite, as The Axis of Evil Knieval knocked blew past thefield and finished with an impressive 107. Then it was the Kingdom at the Bards. Will their hot streak continue? Will your team pull off an upset this week? We’ll find out soon enough.