This Season is Over

Anyone who thinks that the Phils won’t miss the wild card by a goddamm game again this year is kidding themselves. The season is over. And yes, we will look back on opening week and say, “Dagburnit, maybe we’d be in the playoffs if Shane Victorino had listened that day in f****** T-ball practice when the rest of us learned that we don’t f****** steal 3rd with a 2 run lead, 1 out and a left handed hitter at the plate. ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT HITTER IS RYAN F****** HOWARD!!!” Nope, apparently Victorino swallowed a ladybug or something and missed practice that day.

Well, I’ve got enough problems with anxiety that I don’t need this horses*** team to me any more riled up. The Phillies are dead to me. Good riddance. I’m going to get a new hobby. Like breakdancing or doing the dishes. I don’t need this b******* for the next 6 months. I don’t need it.

P.S. Don’t even get me started on the goddamm bullpen.