Around the Horn

04-01-2007 004.jpg
-Best of luck Oli! Black Sheep regular Oliver (above, middle, looking like Dice Raw) is going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali. Why? Because Cali’s got gunplay, models on the runway.

-What would happen if someone with Tourette’s woke up with a giant M & M beside their bed? (DUE TO FOUL LANGUAGE, THIS COULD NOT BE LESS SAFE FOR WORK UNLESS IT INVOLVED FARM ANIMALS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!)

-Are we at the high end of a housing bubble? You should ride the US Home Prices Roller Coaster to find out.

The top 10 worst internet acquisitions ever. A reminder of how crazy the internet bubble was.

This is incredible. Afer a little research, I found out the dude did it on purpose:
After Machuga clinched the title match with two strikes in the 10th frame, he surprised everyone by doing his famous “Machuga Flop”, hanging onto the ball and flinging himself down the lane. Since he never let go of the ball, there was no official rules violation, so Machuga followed that by striking on his final shot.