The Metro column

Here’s the latest in the Goodtimes Files. A couple of notes: First of all, I thought that it was the Sinatra Foutain. I asked the guy who had put the fountain there why they put a Sinatra fountain in Philly. He said, “It’s not a Sinatra Fountain. The songs are from the 40s, but they’re not Sinatra.” Thankfully, he didn’t add, “Way to do your homework, Bernstein.”

Also, when I arrived at the fountain, there was a stunningly beautiful young lady there with her mom. “Sweet!” I thought. “This writing gig is finally gonna pay off!” I asked them about the fountain, and the girl said, “We are from Poland. We don’t speak English.” That’s like the 10th girl this week that has told me that she didn’t speak English when I tried to put the moves on. There must be a convention in town or something.