Un-Freaking-believable! Smackdown leads Barristers Bracket Challenge!

smackdown (Custom).jpg
In what can only be defined as ‘typical”, a person I am currently trying to be angry at is leading the Barristers Bracket Challenge. Smackdown (above), a sworn enemy of mine, is in the lead with 109. Now, I may have to be nice to her, just so I can get a free burger at Barristers if she wins the $250. But it all depends on the final four. If Ohio State beats Florida for the national championship, she wins. If Georgetown beats Florida, then I Hate MAGMA wins. If UCLA beats G-Town, then Representing the MAAC wins. If Ohio State beats UCLA, then I’m Jam and Y’all Toast wins. And if a crazed yeti attacks and kills the 70 people currently ahead of me, I will crowned champion. So it’s really up in the air. Anyways, Smackdown (if that is your real name), I am hereby calling a truce. And if you win, I would like two burgers and 15 Yuenglings. Deal?
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