What the right wing’s up to

I haven’t really talked a lot about politics lately. I haven’t needed to, because I could do a post about kittens and within minutes Palestra Jon and EE would be in a heated debate about whether or not kittens support the War in Iraq. But a few things came up this past month that are hard to ignore.

-Rush Limbaugh says that John Edwards made the announcement that his wife has cancer to try to jump start his campaign. Probably in a similar way that Rush uses Oxycontin to jump start his brain.

-Well, at least the leaders of right wing thought aren’t using terms like “faggot” to a room full of appreciative conservatives. Oh wait, never mind. Which raises the questions, “How much longer before Skeletor (above,with prominent adam’s apple) uses a hateful derogatory slur to describe Obama, and will conservatives applaud that as well?”

-Tom Delay says that anybody that thinks that liberals who think he is guilty of the campaign improprieties he was indicted for are akin to Hitler. Which upsets me. I always thought I was more of an Idi Amin type.

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