The Five Spot

Yes, I know that this happened a week ago, but I just haven’t had time til now to post something about the end of the Five Spot. When I first moved to Philly, I found a flyer on the ground on South Street that said that Dice Raw was hosting an open mic hip hop on Sunday nights at the Five Spot. I went, and was extremely nervous. But I got on the mic and actually did pretty well. I started going semi-regularly. Then, one night, Eve was in there. I did my stuff, and later the bassist for the house band came over and said, “Yo, Eve said that white boy is nice.” I have been flying high off of that for about 5 years now. So so long, Five Spot. And thank you. Because without you Eve and I would have never gotten to know each other and subsequently fall in love. We both want to thank you, right honey? Eve says yes. She’s here with me now and we are very much in love.