Thursdays with Ginger…on Thursday!

Now that things are returning to normal, we can welcome back Ginger. She talks about QB3, her drunken Groundhog’s day, and her latest romantic prospects in this weeks Thursdays with Ginger.
Oh ho ho my goodness –it’s a bitter one. I even ventured out of the house with eskimo-like head apparel on with no shame. I walked by the Schuylkill wondering where the penguins were. On the opposite end of the temperature scale, we had a scorcher of a quizobowl on Saturday night. I have known Johnny 4 years now, and he was at his best. He’s been hitting the “Y’ extra hard to get that Flashdance body. The Hellcat girls were awesome ( you can catch them at Johnny Brenda’s with the rest of the troupe on February 11th.) I hope that I did just as good of a job collecting papers as I did in bowls prior cuz I had quite a doozy the day before as I celebrated the early arrival of spring during the Ground Hogs Day prognastication at the Grey Lodge…

I woke up at 5:45 am (with two hours sleep- had to work the night before) with a text message from one of the guys at Iron hill brewery that said “are you ready?” It would be less than an hour before I greeted him and another brewer at 8th and market as they were clenching cans of Rainier hugged in brown paper bags. It was 11 degrees, I was sporting a dress that made me look like a hawaiian hooker. (the theme of the day was hawaiian). I would be wearing this same dress to breakfast the next day while mothers were covering their children’s eyes in front of the Franklin Institute.

I had a beer in my hand by 7:15 am. Garnished my pancakes with Tullamore Dew by 8. I got in a debate with the bartender about whether Yard’s Chateau Kenso was Heavy weight Lunacy or not. (I won-the taps were switched). I went to the Penn’s Port pub at one in the afternoon with the guys for “lunch”

I was the sole female in the place with my hands around a pint not a a pole. For those of you who aren’t Penn’s Port pub regulars… Pennsport pub is a “Showbar” of sorts on Columbus Blvd. And you can actually get a pint of YARDS beer there. I stuck dollars in the ladies’ toes, ran into people I hadn’t seen in three years, and saw more boobs than I have for some time. The ladies were pretty hot too. I was really surprised. Go check out “Daddy’s Girl.”

I was passed out by five, then woke up at eleven to challenge some local brewers in a scrabble match. When you go to a brewer’s house, you never know what’s going to be in the fridge. We opened everything from aged Iron Hills to Russian River Temptation. I lost both games, unfortunately, after much bragging about my scrabble skills. They wouldn’t except “Wiz” as a word. I told them I lived two blocks from Pat’s and Geno’s but they weren’t budging.

My financial planning is almost as rusty as my scrabble game. I currently have a Philly Car Share charge of $543, a towing charge of $140, a broken phone of $185, and a lost new phone at $107 dollars. I’ve become a borderline charity case. Although— that’s okay because my horoscope today tells me fortune could be mine if and only if I play the lottery today.

At least things are on the up and up in the co-ed department as I have had not one, but two “dates” in the last week. And, get this, they’re with the same lad! Perhaps me being forced to sit down and think of what I want in a perspective valentine put me on the radar for cupid’s arrow. I’ll keep you up to date on that situation. But his recently revealed affinity for Sublime and Violent Femmes just might halt the “love connection” before date number three.

Alright signing off but lastly, it’s National Canned Food month. Look for Johnny to be sportin’ his SPAM shirt even more than usual….