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Just waking up. It’s a few minutes after 9 a.m. here. Not feeling real great, unfortunately. My throat is a little sore. Yesterday was kind of a work day. Got some breakfast at an amazing place called the Aloha Cafe, and ate out in an open air lanai. Then the highlight of the whole trip, coming up with questions for quizzo. After that, I had to get to work on my column for the Metro. Went into town to get some interviews about the new Hooters that opened downtown, officially killing any vestiges of soul this city still had. But it’s hard to do a really deep story in less than 400 words, and what I started to write was too cynical, so I sort scrapped it. Maybe I’ll post the cynical one on this site a little later. Was at a surf spot called the Banyans when I got the sunset photo above. It’s beautiful out today, so I’m gonna finally hit the beach. Aloha!