darth looks at – global warming

The latest scam to come down the pike is a thing called “Global Warming”. It has three objectives: 1. To make you feel guilty about enjoying life. 2. To steal more money from you and 3. To get people who can’t run their own lives trying to run yours. They’ve tried this scam before. They called it “Nuclear Winter”; or “Overpopulation”; or “Acid Rain”; or “The Ozone Layer”; and even, believe it or not, “Global Cooling”. But the M.O. has always been the same: cook up some bogus figures; get the Drive-By Media involved; lay a guilt trip on people; and lie, lie, lie. It failed in the past because they only gave the end of the world blues a 5 or 10 year window. When nothing happened (of course) they started looking like that cartoon of a guy in a toga with a long beard carrying a sign that says “Repent” on one side and “The End Of The World Is Near” on the other. Now they’re saying, what!,100 years, 200, something like that? Now that I agree with. 100 or 200 years from now everyone reading this post will be dead. But the Earth will still be here and so will Mankind. So the next time someone mentions “Global Warming” to you just laugh. Just because they like being miserable don’t mean you can’t enjoy life.