darth looks at – the polls

This morning on KYW there was a poll that said if the election were held today McCain would beat Clinton or Obama. And that Guiliani would win even more handily. I thought how can that be? The Drive-By Media is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party! They spin the questions till they get the results they want! Ex: They ask if candidate A was a junkie would you vote for him? But they say 98% won’t vote for candidate A! So I looked at the local Propaganda leaflet aka the Inquirer to see what the percentages were AND IT WASN’T IN THERE! So if they can’t distort the polls to get the results they want they bury it. Of course if the poll was in favor of the Democrat Party it would be on the front page. Why people continue to be hoodwinked by these propagandists is beyond me but hopefully this will help enlighten them.