Ever since Andy Reid said Quit with 1:59 left in the season I’m been dreading more and more this coming season. From personal problems off the field to personnel decisions in the Front Office. this team seems to be heading in the wrong direction at full steam ahead. We have a Quaterback who’s one good hit away permanent retirement (or worse); a second-string Quarterback who did a good job for us years ago but that was with a better team; and a third-string quarterback whose main claim to fame is he can hadle a snap better than Tony Romo. Now I know a lot of people on this website know more about Football than me. Is it as bad as I think it is? I’m thinking a 6-10; or 7-9 record. Help me out here! Cheer me up!
It has come to my attention Andy Reid said Punt; not Quit. But to paraphrase my old friend Bill Shakespeare, Quit by any other name is still giving up.