What do you think?

12-08-2006 003.jpg
The lovely Ginger and I hit the road today, looking for a place to hold Quizzo Bowl 3. We started at the Mummers Museum. If I held it there, we would do it on Sunday, January 28th or Saturday, Feb. 3rd. Tickets would be $20, but that would include all you can drink (beer, well drinks, and wine). We’d have snacks, but no real dinner food. We also checked out the Golden Palace, that crazy looking Chinese place in South Philly. Big and tacky, with a great stage. It’s BYO, but I would probably try to get a beer sponsor, and make it $15 all you can drink beer. Of course, you could also order off the menu. Again, Sunday the 28th. And then there is the World Cafe. The only date they can give me is friday, January 26th. Don’t know why, but something about a friday jsut seems weird. Tix would probably be $12-$15, but you’d have to pay for your own booze and food. Of course, it is the nicest facility with the best acoustics. Not sure if I could get the Crowd Pleasers, though, b/c they usually play at Bob and Barbara’s on fridays and don’t know if they could get out of it. Anyways, please give me your thoughts below. Would a friday work, do you think? Also, we will shortly have our first post from Ginger on our first ever “Ginger Thursday.”