Thursdays with Ginger

JGT: Old age and bitterness has caused me to become a rather dull stick in the mud who rarely ventures outside my freezing cold fortress. Therefore, in an effort to keep the website lively, I have brought on beer lass and local bon vivant Suzanne Woods (aka “The Lovely Ginger), who is always out, drinking good beer and eating great food throughout the city, despite having absolutely no money. She knows “what’s up” and is, quite frankly, much hipper than I. She also knows lots of hot chicks, as she is the force behind “In Pursuit of Ale“, the female beer drinking club in Philly. Here is her first of what will be a weekly column every Thursday.

For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m Ginger, Johnny’s leading “lovely assistant.” He coined that not me….I’m sort of his Vanna White. She actually has it much easier than me. I don’t think Pat Sajak is nearly as high maintenance as Johnny.

But Johnny and I do go back a few years. In 03′ we were on a road trip in a place called Farmville, VA. There was nothing to do but eat pulled pork, drink Budweiser, and get Iron-on tee shirts made. And that’s exactly what we did. Best $10 I ever spent. Values like that don’t exist outside Farmville, not in the 5th largest city in the U.S. of A. But I’ll do my best to find the best things to do and the most fun to have in Good Ol’ Philly…..

So in this column I’ll take you to North 3rd where they have superior wings as well as this yummy mulled wine.. I’ll tempt you with the empanadas at the Cantina Los Caballitos. Or the perfectly poured Sly Fox O’Reilly’s stout at Doobies. We’ll go in pursuit of the best burger. Is It the Double Standard, Good Dog, Maybe Royal Tavern? I’ll lament on my pathetic on-going attempt to be a pinster at Northbowl. (Record high a mere 107 with a ball speed of 14.77) I’ll praise local beers like the Troegantor or YARDS Love Stout and I’ll steer you clear of bad burritos -Santa Fe at Liberty Place. Chicken Mole…uneventful.

In addition, I will often talk about the obscure holiday of the day. If for no other reason than when you’ve thrown back too many that night, you can turn to your neighboring bar buddy and say but, after all it was “national have a roof over your head day.” (That was last Sunday). So today is National Write a letter day. Which coincidentally was my 2006 New Year’s Resolution. (Ditch your New Year’s resolution day is January 17th).

I’ll be writing every Thursday and invite your comments about my favorite beverage- the Delectable Nectar- that is Beer.

I bid you farewell for the first time. and remember nothing’s so dear as a beer except your weekly brain game. so don’t stop learning, get those wheels turning and maybe come quizzobowl III YOU’RE TEAM WILL BE EARNING big money, big money!

Keepin’ the draft craft,
lovely ginger