Haiku Debacle comes to a quiet close

In what has been judged the worst contest in the history of mankind, JGT has decided to announce the winners for the 2nd Annual JGT Haiku Extravaganza. Of course, the initial 31 haikus were lost to the machine, as they were eaten by cyberspace and will probably be seen on tv sets in England in like three years (updated link. Previous one to AI story made no sense. Everything about this contest is jinxed!) Anyways, three people pretty much provided all of the haikus from that point on, those people being Darth Ern, EE, and Palestra Jon. And they all had at least one good one. But Ern’s were almost all about politics, so he was eliminated. Palestra Jon was able to note, in haiku form, how frustrated everyone was with the disastrous contest. His was third best:
He lost the first set
Five haikus the second time
This is all fake, right?

But EE did a better job. He was also able to convey the anger many felt toward the quizmaster with computer problems after JGT asked for more haikus. He finished 2nd.
I mean, why bother?
He’ll only lose them again.
Let’s murder Goodtimes.

But my favorite came from the Fink, and it had the most to do with this year’s topic, murder:
Feathers are flying!
Clucking, pecking – then silence.
It’s murder most fowl.

What the heck, the top three all get tix to Murderers, which is in it’s final week this week! Contact me and let me know where I can hand off your tix. And I want to thank everyone who participated. Let’s close with a haiku.
It was the host who
lost your haiku masterpiece
Or was it Badtimes?