Around the horn

-Is anyone else having problems with fruit flies? I mean, it’s not like I eat fruit, so I don’t know what these guys are doing here. My mom said that she had ’em bad down in Virginia, but is anyone else getting them, or is my family cursed?

King of the hipsters gets profiled. Those ironic hipsters love the fact that it’s in Philadelphia Magazine. One of the hipsters sounds unironic, though, like a Rouge regular. Another Philly scenester at the table, Ryan Creed, tells me: “You’re right now sitting at the center of Philadelphia top-shelf, A-list hipster power.” I laugh — and then realize he’s mostly serious.

-Tired of wearing those contemporary jerseys that show off your belief in Jesus? Then you need a Christian throwback jersey! (The girl modeling the Genesis jersey is way too hot to be a Christian.) Thanks to Phil for sending this in.

-Huge upset and somebody ups the ante on the Fado vs. Black Sheep quizzo rivalry. Details coming tommorrow.