JGT in 34th Street Magazine

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There are a lot of haters out there, according to 34th Street Magazine, which today came out with a piece about Rock Paper Scissors. Of course, I just skimmed through the article until I found the part about me:
Johnny Goodtimes, the City League Champ and self-described “champion athlete,” relishes talking to reporters and the film crew, and often repeats his grand and humorous statements about his famous win. Though he will play in Toronto, he has retired from American play because “I’m already an international megastar, due to the Quizzo empire, and I don’t need the accolades and the glory and the casual sex and everything else that’s attached to being a champion.” Though he is being sardonic, there is no smile on his face and only a hint in his voice that he might be less than serious.

Many were outraged by Johnny Goodtimes’s win at the City League Championship last June, because he did not attend many of the events throughout the season. One player called him a “glorified ringer” while another claimed he is “the worst RPS player out there.” This sort of feud is characteristic of the small League; since many of the players regularly competed, they considered an outsider winning to be an upset.

Glorified ringer? Worst RPS player out there? To the haters, I can only say one thing: “Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because its the best thing going. Woooooooooo!”