Goodtimes Prediction: Sixers win it all

Well, basketball season is here, and everybody is picking the Sixers to be awful. I am sort of an eternal optimist when it comes to sports seasons, only to be devastated by reality each and every time. Therefore, I am picking the Sixers to win this years NBA title. There are over 100 million websites in the world, and I’m pretty sure this is the only one bold enough to make such a prediction. Allen “Jewels” Iverson is going to rediscover the fire he had in 2001, C-Webb is going to make a comeback, Dalembert is going to come into his own, and this is going to be a breakout year for Igoudala. That and strong play from Rookie of the Year Carney is going to make this team a serious contender for the NBA crown. Hey nobody picked us in 2000 either.

And even if we do suck, let’s at least take a year and appreciate what we have in Allen “Bubbachuck” Iverson, although I must admit that now that I’m coaching young ones, I hold up Dwayne Wade as a shining example more than I do Bubbachuck since Wade has a firmer grasp of the fundamentals and is much more of a team player. But it is fun to watch AI play, and since he is one phone call away from being traded, let’s try to enjoy him while he’s still here. Lets also dedicate ourselves to calling him Bubbachuck this year (that was his nickname in VA).