Dreams do come true

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Movie Monday semi-regular Dawn shares my love of the greatest movie ever, but she now has one up on me: she met the master! Here is her report:
Okay it was the coolest thing ever! It was at Chiller Theatre this weekend (www.chillertheatre.com). He was so awesome. I acted like a total spaz. I packed all my Pee Wee stuff and dumped it on the table in front of him, including dvds, VHS, a lighter, etc. I printed the picture of me from the Troc in my Pee Wee shirt. He wrote on it Dawn, I (drew heart and colored it in) you! I could just about die right now. Miss Yvonne was there too. She was so sweet.

I was so nervous leading up to it and everyone was waiting me for me pass out and/or pee myself – no pun intended. So coincidence or not, extra security arrived in the room when I got to our hero. After it was all said and done, people cheered for me. Oh, and Paul called me high maintenance. He saw right to the core of me 🙂

He wasn’t even there promoting anything. Just was there for the fans, I guess. His manager flipped out a little when I pulled out an autographed picture of The Tripper I got from David Arquette (an upcoming movie with Arquette and Paul Reubens in it). But overall it was great. I can’t stop smiling thinking about it. I hope he starts doing more appearances once he gets into his new flicks.