Your World Cupdate

Man, this match between the Netherlands and the Ivory Coast is awesome. The Netherlands leads 2-1 after one half first half. A fight almost broke out when a member of the Ivory Coast barely touched the goalie. The Dutch are such whiners. Seriously. They bail to the ground and hold their ankles every tie a member of the opposite team comes within five feet of them. It’s pathetic, and the refs even yellow carded one of them for it. Of course, I’m rooting for the Ivory Coast. The country is in the midst of a civil war (though the violence has died down a bit in recent years, and there has supposedly been a cease-fire since the team qualified or the World Cup) and the team had to spend a week in prison after a poor showing in the 2002 Africa Cup. Hard to root against a team that is dealing with that kind of stuff in their day to day lives. One thing that’s kind of cool about the World Cup is that it gives us a chance to learn a little something about countries that we wouldn’t ordinarily think about. So take a sec and read up on the Ivory Coast.