Where do these people find me?

I received a great email yesterday. This is how it read: I work for an Entertainment and Sports Marketing firm and was wondering if you had Manute Bol’s contact information and/or his agent. It is regarding an appearance in a commercial and this info would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help.

Somebody actually asked me if I had Manute Bol’s contact information! That rules! I don’t know if it was spam or not, though. The guys e-mail address name was Burns 1. That’s a little fishy. Here’s another e-mail I received a couple of months ago: Hi Johnny, I’m working on a show for CMT called “Greatest Moments: Toby Keith” and am interested in using the photo you have on your site of Natalie Maines wearing her FUTK T-shirt (see attachment). Do you have a higher res version of this image?

I wrote her back that I did not have a high res image, but that if she wanted someone to do a lot of hating on Toby Keith for her show, I would love to. I haven’t heard back from her.