The Weekly Double

Last night, my friend Suzanne and I decided to meet up with Palestra Jon and Trivia Art at Dark Horse for quizzo. But we were both hungry, so first we decided to grab something to eat. After a bit of debate, we finally settled on one thing we could both agree on: Jim’s. Jim’s is a place where I always tend to go when I have family in town, but never really seem to go otherwise. I don’t know why. Now I know what you’re thinking: Johnny, if you’re going to grab a cheesesteak, why not get one from a man who is a total bigot? Well, we weren’t in South Philly, and I also didn’t want a cheesesteak that tastes like cardboard, so we decided against Geno’s. The cheeseteak at Jim’s was delicious, as always. After dinner we headed off to quizzo, where we lost a tie-breaker for second place. Once quizzo was over, I found myself hungry again. “Anybody up for wings?” I asked. “Yes”, came the reply from Art and Suzanne. So we headed to Moriarity’s. That’s right. Jim’s Steaks and Moriarity’s wings on the same night. Praise me, people. Next week, a repeat, but with a Lorenzo’s slice!