Philly Lite

Yo, peeps, gotta roll to Spanish class. But here’s a few fun things to look at while I’m gone. First off, my man D-Mac found perhaps the creepiest usage of Ben Franklin’s image ever. That’s right, Ben Franklin is using his popularity among teenage females to stop teen pregnancy. Secondly, the good people at Philebrity think that hipsters are getting a bad name, and they are pissed. Which is kind of weird, because I didn’t think hipsters had the energy to be anything other than ironic and mildly annoyed. Angry hipsters are funny. The comment under a recent write up on foobooz is pretty great. Trivia Art writes that the Bike Race weekend is the only time it’s kool to be in Manayunk (which is wrong. Manayunk sucks even during the bike race). As if to prove why Manayunk sucks, some knucklehead writes an angry diatribe in the comments section about how kool Manayunk is, and how he’ll tell Art the great deals going on in Manyunk, but that he’s not gonna give ’em to Art unless he hires him. Yeah, Bub, Trivia Art is gonna hire you to tell him about the kool deals in Manayunk right after he adds a “Best Upcoming Frat Parties” section to his site.