Johnny does not host any of Philly’s Best Quizzoes!

The people of Philadelphia voted, and the best quizzo in town belongs to…Fado. In fact, Johnny did not even make the top four. This was in a vote taken by Philadelphia Style magazine. The following is taken from Philly Style Mag:
Best Of STYLE | Best Quizo | Fadó
Irish Pub & Restaurant Quizo is close to TiVo on the scale of modern addictions. This pub trivia phenomenon actually originated in our fair city, imported from Ireland by Fergie of Fergie’s Pub. But the Irish-themed pub chain Fadó was voted your favorite place to play the game this year. Bartender Regon MacInnis suggests beefing up on
VH1’s Best Week Ever to have a shot at competing against the handful of teams Fadó attracts on Wednesday nights. The fun and games begin at 9 p.m., and the prize is a $40 bar tab., 215-893-9700.
Runners Up:
Fergie’s Pub,, 215-928-8118;
New Deck Tavern,, 215-386-4600;
Roosevelts Pub, 215-569-8879

Damn, yo. I was the staff pick for best quizzo, but this one still kind of stings. Oh well, those guys might host a better quizzo, but I’ll be damned if they can beat me at rock paper scissors! (Oh, and in case you were wondering what the readers of Philly Style Mag think the best coffee shop is, it’s Starbucks. Seriously. Bitter? Me? Noooooo.)