Johnny Almost gets in fight at quizzo!

So me and Palestra Jon went to Dark Horse for quizzo, and these three people were beside us, including this one Irish guy who kept yelling out answers, albeit wrong ones. Now sometimes, when people’s wrong answers are funny, such outbursts are allowable. But when somebody is just obviously trying to be an ass****, if gets tiresome. The quizmaster tried, to no avail, to get him to stop. Finally, we got to a multiple choice question, and he shouts out one of the three choices. One of his teammates calls his name out, “Jimmy.” He turns around, a big drunken grin on his face. “Hey Jimmy,” I say loud enough for most people at the bar to hear. “Why don’t you quit being such a F****** DOUCHEBAG?!!!” There was a sort of gasp from the crowd. The quizmaster goes, “Calm down, Johnny.” The guy angrily responds, “I heard that.” I mean, what, of course he heard it, I said it right to him. So for the rest of the night he kept turning around and staring holes into my head. I didn’t return his glares. My object wasn’t to get into a fight, it was to get him to shut the hell up. And it worked. He never shouted out another answer. Man, I think I’ve got a little bit of Bobby Badtimes in me!