I’d like to vote in today’s primaries, but I can’t. I’m registered Independant, so I’m not allowed to have a say in who runs for a variety of offices. To vote today, a person has to be signed on to one of the two bulls*** parties that are either a) brimming with spiteful ideas or b) incapable of forming an idea. I don’t want to pledge my support to either of these two parties, but I guess I’ll have to if I want to if I wanna be able to vote in any primaries. I mean, I understand why you have to be registered in the party to vote in primaries (otherwise Republicans would come out en masse to vote for weak Dem candidates, and vice versa), but it seems like there should be another option. I really don’t want to align myself with the ineffectual Democrats, and the day I register as a Republican is the day I want somebody to show up at quizzo with a gun and take me out of my misery.