iPod Recovering nicely

It has been a technologically disastrous week, as my iPod crapped out at O’Neals on Tuesday. Fortunately Brian had his on him, complete with “The Message”. I then ran home after that quizzo to bust out the old cd player for the Bards, which I used again last night. At the Bards, the wire between the cd player and the amp caught on fire, but I put it out quickly, and miraculously, the thing still worked. Then at the Black Sheep last night the cd player came crashing down on the floor at one point. Again, it somehow walked away. So then, this morning I turn on the iPod and all of a sudden it works! So I’m back in business for tonight. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Johnny, does this story have a point? The answer, sadly, is no. I’ll be back this afternoon with a Taconelli’s review and a couple of results from this week. Oh, and I’ve got some exciting news about next week.