Hey y’all

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First off, pick up a copy of today’s Metro. There’s an interview with me in there (Trivia Art says the interview makes me seem “kind of creepy”.. Secondly, I’ve got a new quizzo event at the Fels Planetarium on friday, June 2nd! It’s a part of their animation exhibit, so you can expect some questions about cartoons, but not all. There’s also some cool new stuff for the laser light show. And this time they’ll have their first string guy at the controls. OK, so I’m finally gonna get my Taconnelli’s review up today in the great pizza hunt. I promise. There were some major upsets at quizzo last night, and those stories will be up later. And if you haven’t read the now legendary story of the Rhubarb bake-off, click here. It’s pretty hilarious.