Satan’s Minions are Science geeks Supreme!

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The Satan’s Minions knocked off the Milky Way Comet Out of Uranus, 98-96, in a packed Fels Planetarium on Saturday night. The Sofa Kingdom, who had cruised to victory in the first event held at the Fels, finished in third with 95 points. Johnny took the term “science” very loosely, much to the disdain of the science geeks in the audience. For example, Johnny honored the Body Worlds exhibit by doing a round about songs about the human body (to see what songs he played, click “continue reading…” below). But the final round was almost all science, and the Minions proved adept at it. The Minions won tickets to see the Phils, which, judging by the way they’ve been playing at home this season, might have been a more appropriate prize to give the last place team. Instead the last place team received a “My Little Pony” lollipop holder.

The overhead graphics were kool, but not quite as impressive as last time. Apparently the guy who usually runs the graphics also works for Comcast Sportsnet, and got stuck working there when the Flyers went to double OT. But I was assured that next time we do this, they will kick ass and that there is something else we can do on the dome that I’m quite excited about. But you’ll have to wait until the next science spectacular to find out what it is.
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Round Three (Answers Below)
1. Every little Beat of My Heart
2. Legs
3. My Ding-a-ling
4. These Eyes
5. Flat Bottomed Girls
6. Can’t Get You Out of My Head
7. Bad Liver and a Broken Heart
8. Brush Your Shoulders Off
9. These Arms of Mine
10. Kickstart My Heart

1. Hilary Duff
2. ZZ Top
3. Chuck Berry
4. Guess Who
5. Queen
6. Kylie Minogue
7. Tom Waits
8. Jay Z
9. Otis Redding
10. Motley Crue