Rock Paper Scissors League Starts tonight

Jam Master Sean, aka C. Urbanus, is known for more than just hosting quizzo at the Dive. He also runs the local RPS league, which kicks off tonight at the Khyber at 8:30 p.m.. JGT might make an appearance, though there are rumors that Jam Master couldn’t meet Johnny’s appearance fee ($5,000 standard). So far, not a single event organizer in Philly has met Johnny’s fee. Johnny, as you may remember, hosted the first annual Keystone Classic. But enough about Johnny, read more about the new league after the jump:

The Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors Championship Series Planning Committee is
pleased to announce that the Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors
City League Championship Series will begin play on April 10, 2006. This event
is fully endorsed by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society
(, the governing body of the sport throughout the
world. The PRPSCLCS is pleased to welcome Pabst Blue Ribbon as the Title

Pabst Blue Ribbon has become a strong supporter of local RPS action throughout
the country, sponsoring events in several markets. Unlike some previous
sponsors of the sport, Pabst strongly believes in allowing RPS enthusiasts to
coordinate local tournament affairs. The 2006 PBRPRPSCLCS will be presided
over by well-known U.S. player, referee, and organizer Mr. C. Urbanus, who will
be on hand to assure that the integrity and local flavor of the sport are kept

The PBRPRPSCLCS will take place at a variety of venues throughout the City
every Monday through Thursday beginning on April 10th. The season will
culminate in the PBR RPS City League Championship Invitational on June 17th,
where the City League Champion will take home not only this prestigious title,
but also a trophy and $1,000 in prize money. In addition, over $1,000 worth of
prizes will be awarded to the champions of nightly events.

Players will be invited to attend the PBRPRPSCLCS Championship based on the
amount of “player points” they have earned during the proceeding nightly
competitions. Players are awarded 1 point every night simply for participation,
and additional points are awarded for each victory that evening. The top 64
competitors at the end of the season will be invited to compete for the
PBRPRPSCLCS Championship title. In addition to their City League points,
winners of the nightly tournaments will receive a gift
certificate to the venue hosting the event along with a City League t-shirt
and, of course, the envy of all of their friends, family and fellow competitors.

For more information regarding the PBR Philadelphia RPS CLCS please visit or The websites provide a
full schedule, scoring procedures, mailing list sign up, rules and information
about the “street RPS” tournaments that will be held simultaneously for a
chance to win even more points and prizes.