Pepperoni rolls at Zio’s

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Alright, we ran into our first controversy on Friday at Zio’s (111South 13th Street). I have been eating a lot of your standard triangular pizza lately. So at Zio’s, which I went to with Rob from MAGMA, I decided to try the pepperoni roll. Now, when I was at college at Radford, we had a restaurant that was very famous for serving crusties, which were essentially pepperoni rolls that you could get stuffed with anything you want. With a hunger fueled by gallons of beer and occasionally the inhalation of deadly marijuana, crazed college students would order dozens of these things at 2 in the morning. So seeing these pepperoni rolls at Zio’s took me back, and I had to order one, although to keep things even, I also ordered a BBQ chicken standard slice. The BBQ chicken slice was fine, nothing amazing, a good solid 3 pepperoni slice. But the pepperoni roll gets a ho-ho-ho my goodness. It is the best pizza product I have had on the search so far. Soft and doughey and stuffed with just enough cheese, it blew my doors. But what can I classify it as? I mean, it’s not really pizza, per se. So can I hand out pepperoni’s based on something that’s not pizza? Let me mull over that while you read Rob’s take:
I give my Sausage 3 1/2 roni–thin crust that is good and doughy, sausage which tasted fresher than alot of the crap you get around the city. Cheese slice–3 roni–not as good as last time, but maybe that is because
last time I was hungover, dunno.

Alright, I can’t give ’em a four because the pizza isn’t four worthy. But they get a three and a half…and you have to try the pepperoni roll (they also have a spinach one, which I heard is good). Oh, and when you get it, ask for a side of ranch. Word.