Johnny Grabs Pizza with his peoples

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The Pizza Hunt continued on Sunday, as Johnny and his Ma and Pa went out to grab a slice. Now, Sunday was apparently a celebration of some sort of cult figure dying and then rising from the dead, a cult figure worshipped by almost every single person in this city who produces pizza. Place after place was closed, so we finally settled on J & J Pizza in the Italian Market. It was a corner spot in the Italian Market that didn’t really seem to get a ton of traffic. Things were quiet, but there was a tv inside that was on. It was on the “community channel”, you know the one that shows you a graphic to let you know that Edna’s knitting circle will be meeting at Episcopal at 6:30 on Tuesday. I love that channel. Anyways, we ordered our pizza (pepperoni) and they brought it out. It was decent, but it didn’t really blow my doors or anything. I asked my mom to send an email with her thoughts about J & J:
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Son, I swiped some of your stamps -sorry. The pizza was just a good old-fashioned homemade pizza. It was the kind with more cheese than tomato sauce, which was a plus in my book, and the price was reasonable. Also, it was served in a tiny restaurant where people probably eat on the run as opposed to a restaurant where one would chill or hang out. No beer available. I give it three pepperonis. Thanks for lunch both days and for a wonderful weekend which we enjoyed every minute of! Remember to take your vitamins!
My mom always tells me to take my vitamins. I got another e-mail from her later in the day, after I sent out my weekly newsletter. Apparently I misused an apostrophe, something my mom does not take lightly. This was the entire content of that email: You do not need an apostrophe in a possessive pronoun. Did you learn nothing in 7th grade English? Anyway, the pizza was ok. Nothing great. If you’re in the Italian Market, I would suggest Lorenzo’s. I give J&J 2 and a half pepperonis.