Favorite Pizza so far

Alright, gang. Here’s the list of pizza places I have hit iin the Great Pizza Hunt so far, in order of my enjoyment. Yes I know I have not hit Tacconelli’s or Marra’s. They are both still on the list. I was gonna hit Marra’s with my parents on Sunday, but Jesus prevented that from happening. The pizza places are graded on a 1-5 pepperoni scale, with 5 being the supreme piece of pizza. Thus far, the highest score I have is a 4, and I’ve only given out one of those. And you thought LaBan was tough! Feel free to argue with this list, or to provide places you think I should hit that I haven’t gone to yet. And check back later today. Bobby Badtimes is set to return to the website. Pizza listing after the jump.

1. Mama Palma’s
2. Dolce Carini
3. Lorenzo’s (Italian Market)
4. Celebre’s
5. Zio’s
6. Joe’s Pizza
7. Pietro’s
8. Lorenzo’s (South Street)
9. NYPD Pizza
10. Lazaro’s
11. J & J
12. By George’s