5 Quick Questions with…Johnny’s Ex!

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Now I know what you’re thinking…”Johnny, you can not possibly be so self absorbed that you are putting interviews with your ex-girlfriend on your website, thinking that we really give a s***”… Wrong. I am that self absorbed, and you do give a s***!

Colby and I met in Hawaii in 1999. She was on vacation, but was won over by the Goodtimes charm and soon moved out to the 50th state. We dated for 3 1/2 years, and actually made it all the way to Philly together before we broke up. She never really liked the city life, and now lives in the woods in North Carolina. Just like the Olympic bomber. Anyways, we have remained friends, and I am happy that she is doing well. Here are her five quick questions…
What music do you have in your collection that you are a little bit ashamed of?
I am ashamed of nothing. I listen to it all and love it all, especially my women folk collection that you hate.

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What are a couple of things about Goodtimes that you know but that people who read this website don’t know?
That you are just a big softie….a big teddy bear of a man who can watch at least one chick flick….High Fidelity.
You don’t still like Dave Matthews, do you? (Her liking of Dave Matthews was what essentially led to our breakup)
Yes. I still like him. He is classic and I will always like to listen to him.
Our next question is multiple choice. Am I a) the hottest guy you’ve ever gone out with b) the koolest guy you’ve ever gone out with or c) the hottest, koolest guy you’ve ever gone out with?
You are the koolest and hottest guy ever. I am sure you are much more hot now than when we went out.
Wait, was that sort of a backhanded compliment? Anyway, the final question is the one everybody’s been waiting for. Is it true that one of the guys in Blink-182 asked you to the prom?
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I thought we talked about this like 80 times already. Tom asked me. I did not go with him because I was already going with someone else. Me and Tom did not dance because I hardly got to my prom on time. We were friends, that is about it. They were a band, a very small one at that. They handed out homemade tapes for friends to buy for $5. So i did. Wish I still had it. They played at some local places and I went to see them when like, only 10 people were there.

So there you have it, folks. The guitarist for Blink 182 didn’t quite make the cut, but JGT did. At least for a while. And you people thought I wasn’t a rock star. You should be ashamed of yourselves.