Some local blog action

Not much going on today. Working on tommorrow’s questions so that I can spend my entire day Thursday watching college basketball. Woo-hoo! Honestly, this is my favorite time of the year. March Madness, baseball around the corner, hot babes emerging from their winter hibernation, hot babes shooting me down because I use terms like “hot babes.” Ah, spring! Wait, what was my point of thsi post? Oh, yes. There is another sort of local blog where the writing reminds me a lot of my own. Which is to say, sheer, unadulterated brilliance with dashes of caustic wit and just the right touch of arrogance. It’s called badmintonstamps, and it’s pretty daggone funny. On a more political bend, my buddy Donald has one called implodingamerica, which I think is really interesting and thought provoking. If you know of any good local blogs I should be checking out, or if you write one, holla atcha boy!
FRIENDLY REMINDER: Get your brackets filled out before noon tommorrow.