$75 worth of prizes in the Johnny Goodtimes Bracket Spectacular


Updated: Well, gang, it’s time for the annual Johnny Goodtimes Bracket Spectacular. It’s simple. All you do is click here. Then, when they ask what your group # is you type 104416 and when they ask for a password, you type goodtimes. (You do have to sign up for a yahoo account. Also, for some reason this is a total pain in the ass with Internet Explorer, but if you use Mozilla, it is no problem. If you wanna know how to make it work with Explorer, send me an email and I’ll tell you.) You’ve got until Thursday morning at noon to get your picks in. And trust me, the tournament is so wide open this year that you could not know a thing about basketball and win the friggin’ thing.

The first place winner gets a $50 gift certificate to Barrister’s, the place to watch the NCAA tournament. Barrister’s has flat screen tv’s and the March Madness satellite package, so they will be showing all of the games. More importantly, they are not the Fox and Hound, so the food doesn’t taste like they got it shipped in from McDonald’s and they will never tell you that they can’t turn off the Kenny Chesney song playing throughout the restaurant during the big game because they “don’t have permission from corporate.”** Barrister’s has really terrific food. Speaking of terrific food, the 2nd place finisher gets a $25 gift certificate to the Good Dog. In case you were wondering, I actually won this thing last year, and I expect to win it again this year.

**This sentence brought to you by Bobby Badtimes.