Hilary Swankie reports from DC

Things on the DC quizzo scene haven’t gotten much better. Here’s the latest from former Philly playa Hilary Swankie:
So we were pretty excited about this quizzo because it’s just blocks from where we all live. Unfortunately, we are going to need to suck it up and go to places far from home because it was the WORST QUIZZO EVER. They don’t supply pens. We had to ask for a pen and the guy handing out score sheets looked totally annoyed that we would even ask. They rejected our first name because it “wouldn’t fit on the score sheet” that was posted above the bar. The host (not the guy handing out score sheets, scoring, etc) was not funny. Period. (By the way, obviously hosting quizzo is a lot more difficult than I realized in Philly because everyone here seems to have multiple hosts/helpers.) There were 8 rounds. I thought 7 was bad last time. The first round was math questions. Could be reasonable MAYBE if it was multiple choice. But instead the gave us definitions and we had to tell them the mathematical term. We got 4 out of 10. It’s not a good idea to start with a totally impossible round to make us feel really stupid and bitter immediately. I wanted to leave. The host was not funny. (It is worth saying again.) Just totally ridiculous questions. We came in last place. **Things started getting hazy around round 2 already because we started drinking heavily to make up for the miserable 2 more hours that we were about to endure. You need to come down here and do a quizzo hosting training.