Quizzo Bowl Q & A

Alright, here’s some FAQ’s regarding Quizzo Bowl 2:

Are all the questions going to be about the Super Bowl?
No, there will be very few questions about the Super Bowl. This is going to be a general quizzo, very similar to the usual quizzo, except with lots of prizes (I’l tell you tommorrow what they are), cash and glory for the winner, and two live bands and a magician.

How many players on a team?
Up to 8, same as usual. Though I’m sometimes lenient with teams of nine at regular quizzo, I will not be at this one. There would be picketers outside of future quizzoes if a team of nine won Quizzo Bowl.

What time should I show up?
Doors open at 6, and I would show up no later than 6:30 p.m. That’s when the Philadelphia Bluegrass Band takes the stage.

What time do you think we’ll be done?
I’m aiming to be done at 9:30 p.m., but it depends on the size of the crowd. We will be done no later than 10 p.m.

Will you be wearing a garish outfit for this event, Johnny?
Absolutely not. I will be dressed very conservatively.

Why would I bother attending this one, when I can just play for free anywhere else?
Because this is going to be unlike any quizzo you’ve ever been a part of. This, to me, is a huge party in which we bring together all of the quizzo teams from all the different bars around the city for one night a year. It is a celebration of our unique community, something found nowhere else in the country. There is no Quizzo Bowl in NYC, DC, or LA. I have tried hard to keep the ticket cost low and the entertainment value high. I honestly do not think you will find a better bargain for $10 in Philadelphia this year.

How much are tickets?
$10 if you buy them from me at quizzo or by going by the World Cafe Live before the day of the show. THye are $13 if you buy them online (due to processing fee) or on the day of the show.

Will you be rapping at this event, Johnny?
I can’t believe you had the nerve to ask me that question. I have made it abundantly clear that my rapping days are done. No, I will absolutely, unequivacally NOT be rapping at this event.