A Crowd Pleasing Quizzo Bowl 2

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The only thing as hot as Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers at the World Cafe live on Sunday night was Where’s You Ten Points Now( aka Where’s Johnny, below), who got the first 47 questions correct in Quizzo Bowl 2 on their way to a second consecutive Quizzo Bowl victory. The team, who had been featured in a recent City Paper article, came in talking smack, and then completely backed it up, missing only the final question of regulation. Had they answered the 48th question correctly, they would have become only the second team in Johnny Goodtimes quizzo history to record a perfect score in a quizzo game. The only team to do so, The Sofa Kingdom, had come into last night’s match up with high hopes, and were visibly shaken by their fourth place finish. The Kingdom won Beat the Champs in August fair and square, not even needing the ten point buffer.
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The Cracked Eggheads (below) were one of only four teams to answer the final question correctly and the ten pointer thrusted them into second place. Who’s Your Daddy (aka The Jams) could have actually pulled off the comeback victory had they gotten that question correct. They finished in third.
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But the evening was about more than just questions and answers. The night began with the Philadelphia Bluegrass Band, who sounded terrific. It continued with Johnny coming out of retirement (for one night only!) to rap, audaciously sampling a Biggie Smalls beat to lay down, “I Love It When You Call Me Quiz Poppa.” Then, following Round One, came what was for many the highlight of the evening. I’m not exactly a music afficianardo, but I’ve heard my fair share of live tunes, and I have yet to find conclusive proof that there is a better band in Philadelphia than Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers. Their smooth soul sounds rocked the World Cafe Live throughout the evening. At halftime, Norm Klar appeared on stage, and did his unique and hilarious “Magic Show” which was distinctive for it’s lack of successful magic tricks. The lovely Ginger assisted in prize giveaways and judging throughout the evening. Finally, I wanna give a shout out to local comedian Chip Chantry and my mom, who were the other two judges. All in all, I had a blast last night. I hope you guys did as well. Click below to find out how you team stacked up in the final standings, and feel free to provide your favorite (and least favorite) moments of Quizzo Bowl 2 in the comments section below.
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Team Total
where’s your 10 pts tonite? 131
cracked eggheads 123
who’s your daddy?! 122
sofa kingdom 119
he bite me in my bagina… 114
wormser’s a real whiz in a. 113
1022 112
die david, dye! 111
add gravy $2 105
defective sidewalk 104
bulldozers 104
taco salad 102
misogynist cheaters 102
nj&hamas; perfect together 101
L lebowski urban achievers 98
bang the nun slowly 96
always fade out in a montg 94
satan’s minions 93
the $10 wings 91
Team Hubris 89
flexible catheters 88
strategery 88
w virginia mine inspectors 87
dork sided 85
stickin it to the man 85
rejected as rocky 6 extras 84
where are jane and pete? 83
everyday math 79
kobe takes it to the hole 79
flushable softwipes 78
inflatable haggis 76
artist, phil, engin & then so 74
the axis of evel knievel 74
statler and waldorff 73
Darg Whores 71
my dad has anamazing bod 71
team america, f%k yeah! 70
young and all stars 64
the cleveland steamers 61
pookie Q’s 55