5 quick questions with Keith Galle of the Philly Bluegrass Band

Keith Galle is the banjo player for the Philadelphia Bluegrass Band, who will be opening the show at Quizzo Bowl 2.

1) When did you start playing the banjo? Why the banjo?
7 years ago+-. Long story, short – Because guitar players are everywhere.

2) How long has the band been together?
3 years

3) What other types of music do you like?
Seriously…? Bulgarian Choir is my latest CD purchase.

4) What’s the most embarrassing album you have in your collection?
Tom Scott – Reed My Lips

5) If you could have dinner with any two famous philadelphians, who would
they be and why?

Jim Coleman, because I like to eat and talk about food.
Maiken Scott, because she’s interesting. (Scott is a radio producer at WHYY/FM. She promotes shows in the Philadelphia area and runs Surreal Sound.)