Trivia Jihad Strikes Philly

12-16-2005 003.jpg
A few weeks ago, I mentioned a blog in Boston run by a couple calling themselves the Trivia Jihad, who were hitting all of the pub quizzes in Boston and raking in the free booze. Well, they decided to take their show on the road, and hit Philly this week. They played four quizzoes, two of which were mine. They finished out of the running at the Bards, and third at the Rendezvous. More importantly, they were a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to make it up to Boston soon and play a little quizzo with them in Beantown in a few months. They play in Boston like five times a week, proving that their addiction is even worse than the Sofa Kingdom, whose dream a few months ago of winning quizzo seven straight days was crushed on Day #5 at the Bards.