Quick Notes

First off, best team name of the week: Free Mumia! (With the Purchase of a Mumia of Equal or Lesser Value). Had a great answer a few weeks ago I forgot to mention also. I had asked “Jessica Pressler ruffled some feathers when in a New York Times article she called Philly what?” The answer was the Sixth Burrough. I had one team at the Good Dog answer, in all sincerity, the Fifth Burrough. This week, in answer to the question, the operation that netted Saddam Hussein shared a name with what 80’s movie. The answer? Red Dawn. Team T & A at O’Neals answered “Biodome”. Finally, congrats to Team #5 at O’Neals, who got their first 50/50 round question right on question #8. In the future I will try to keep better tabs on terrible answers.