This should piss some people off

I forgot to post this a few days ago when I was posting that Howard Zinn stuff. It’s an interview with Bill Moyers a few months before the war began. I particularly like this thought: If we go to war, we will kill thousands, tens of thousands, we don’t know how many people. A hundred thousand? We will kill huge numbers of people. And who will we kill? We will kill the victims of Saddam Hussein. If we go to war against Iraq, we are killing the victims of the tyrant. That to me creates a moral equation which is intolerable. Which raises the ugly question: If Hussein is on trial for being responsible for the massacre of 140 innocent Iraqui civilians, should George Bush be held accountable for the massacre of over 25,000 innocent Iraqui citizens?

On a different, but still controversial note, John Smallwood wrote a really good piece about McNabb’s blackness yesterday. It was in response to this write up by the president of the Philly NAACP blasting McNabb.