The Wedding

errins's wedding 020.jpg

As many of you know, my sister, “Big E” Goodtimes, got married over the weekend. It was, like, the most incredible wedding ever. I got in on Friday night, and there was a party next door to my dad’s house, so we were able to get as housed as we wanted and only have to walk down the dirt lane (my dad lives at the end of a mile long dirt road).

By the end of the night, I was drinking out a mini beer bong (above). Now, those that know me know that I’m not a heavy boozer. But this was back home, where I had to prove to friends I’ve had since I was three years old that I could finish a beer in one gulp with this bong or face a life of constant ridicule. Make it two beers. Details of the remainder of the evening are a bit fuzzy.

The weather was perfect on the wedding day. 75 degrees and sunny. Things went incredibly smoothly, which was extremely eerie when you consider that me and my family were involved. The ceremony took place in my dad’s backyard on the creek, and it was a short and sweet ceremony. I didn’t cry. OK, so I cried a little. Alright fine, I cried a lot! Back off! The party afterward was great. My sister had gotten a DJ/karaoke dude, so it was that kind of party. I changed into a t-shirt and spiked my hair and did a rendition of “White Wedding” with my worst British accent. Hey, l’il sista, what have you done… I’ll have my Billy idol pics up as soon as I get them. The next day the ol’ ball and chain and I went cruising around my dad’s farm and looked at piles of pumpkins (below). Thing is, gonna be headed back to do it all over again this weekend. One of my best friends gets married on Saturday.
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