PGW “looking forward to killing poor people”

A spokesman for Philadelphia Gas Works, Henry Kibbles, said today that PGW is “looking forward to killing a lot of poor people this winter!” Kibbles added that he saw what happened with Katrina and thought, “We can do right here with gas what Hurricane Katrina did with wind and rain!” PGW will be adding a 19% gas hike today to the 5% hike they added on September 1st. They will then be adding another increase on December 1st. In addition, they will be cutting off the gas of people who can’t afford their bills throughout the winter. “It’s what we call putting ‘the freeze’ on the poor!” explained Kibbles, who then began laughing maniacally.

Four of the members of the Philadelphia Utilities Commission (PHUC) gave the proposal the go-ahead. Said PHUC spokesman Marvin “The Iceman” Garvin , “Look, we’re trying to encourage rich white people to move into the city. The last thing they want is to live in a city with a bunch of poor people. If we can kill the poor people off, we can encourage the rich people to move here!”

The email addresses of the four members of the Philadelphia Utilities Commission who voted in favor of this increase are posted below. PLEASE send them an e-mail to tell them what you think of them allowing the poor to be thrown out on the streets during the winter. Even if it’s only a quick note. A month after Katrina, please don’t forget that there are those less fortunate than us whose lives are going to be ruined by these people. Yes, I am aware that prices were going to go up after the hurricane, but there is no reason for the average person in Philadelphia to pay over twice as much for gas this winter as they did in 2003, which is what a PGW spokesman recently confirmed. That is gouging.

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